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  Saturday, February 23, 2019   
Training Workshop

A one-day workshop has been designed to provide participants (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and other health professionals) with the opportunity to learn to use the measure as a clinical or research assessment tool.  Data from a recent research project has indicted that this training workshop is a more effective method to train users than self-directed study.   Pat Miller and Maria Huijbregts are the workshop instructors.

During the one-day workshop, the instructors use tapes and group discussion to educate the participants about the administrative and scoring guidelines of the Chedoke Assessment.  Lectures include information about the measure’s development and psychometric properties, and its clinical application.  At the end of the workshop, the scoring competency of the participants is tested.  Those who meet the scoring criterion will receive a certificate of scoring competency.  All participants will receive written feedback regarding their performance on the test.  These are distributed within four to six weeks after the workshop. 
Training Workshop Timetable:

Introduction to the meaasure

Description of the measure



Guidelines for administering the Chedoke Assessment

Discussion regarding the administration and scoring of the measure
using videotapes


Discussion regarding the administration and scoring of the measure
using videotapes, continued

Clinical application of the measure


Post-test for scoring competency

Wrap-up and evaluation

Information about the Workshop Instructors:

Pat Miller:


Pat Miller, BSc(PT), MHSc, MSc, PhD, is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University and Asst Clin Prof in the School of Rehabilitation Science, Faculty of Health Sciences. She has worked in both acute care settings and rehabilitation hospitals in a variety of clinical and administrative roles. Her research interests include neurosciences rehabilitation and professional practice issues including the assessment of competence. She received her Doctorate in Health Research Methodology at McMaster University

Pat can be contacted by email at:

Maria Huijbregts:

Maria Huijbregts - Chedoke Assessment

Maria Huijbregts, PhD, BScPT

Maria Huijbregts is the Director of Quality, Risk and Patient Safety at Baycrest in Toronto, an Assistant Professor (status only) in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto and Adjunct Professor in the Master of Public Health Program at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. She has a Doctorate in Health Studies and Gerontology from the University of Waterloo.

Maria’s areas of expertise include stroke rehabilitation - across the care continuum, measurement, outcome and evaluation and the ongoing development of tools such as the Chedoke-McMaster Stroke Assessment and the Continuing Care Activity Measure. In all of these areas, she has given workshops and lectures and has numerous publications.

Maria can be contacted by email:


How to arrange a workshop: 

If you are interested in holding a Training Workshop, please contact Pat Miller for information.


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